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Outdoor and Indoor Team Building and Staff training

We help create committed teams through combining coaching and training methods. We do pre and post training followups to embed training learnings. Well trained staff improves productivity and work-place happiness. We provide assessments and post event coaching. for monitoring purposes.

Customer Service Training
Team Building and Soft Skills Training

Holistic Staff Training And Team Building that creates happy committed teams. We spend most of our time at work, work needs to be a place of growth and happiness.

Research shows that companies that invest resources in staff training and development have a higher return on investment and building happy teams has become the stuff of the century that separates good teams from great teams.

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Business and Life Coaching

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Team Building Services

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Soft Skills Services

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We offer fully qualified Team Building and Staff Training facilitators to train and run your in-house training programs and meetings.


Communication dynamics in teams is the fondation of happy high perfomance teams.

Motivational Talks

Our Inspirational and Motivational Speakers have hours of experience and are ideal for Keynote speeches or for Staff Training/Talk.

Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training that builds resilient and caring staff. Customers want to do business with businesses that care.

Conflict Resolution

Good teams avoid conflicts, great teams embrace conflict Resolution and encourage it whilst monitoring the dynamics to create and foster diverse open teams.

Diversity Training

We are all different and our differences can be our strengths or our demise. Your team will understand and appreciate each other’s differences and use the strengths to create results. know More about Diversity Training

Why Choose Us

To say we build formidable teams is easy to say, truth is our clients will be able to tell you how they felt about the experience they got and all of them were left at awe. Testimonials are available…

Proffessional Service

We do what we said we will do when we said we will do it. We call that Integrity.

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Customised Dynamic Programs

People and Organisations are different, why train them in the same way.

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Low Cost

We are not trying to get rich off you, we would rather have all of us grow rich together long term.

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Team Building Services

We build committed teams through psychological outcome based team building and training. You get a high performance, task driven and united team. We have executive programs, middle management and team focused team building programs that will build cohesive, conflict astute and committed teams. Some of our services include Team building, Conflict resolution training, Staff training, Sales training, Soft skills training, Diversity, Life coaching, AssertivenessTime management, Planning, Workplace ethics, Leadership development programs, Leadership development training, Leadership and management courses, Leadership activities for youths, Leadership workshops, Leadership simulation games, Leadership classroom activities, Soft skills training Employee development, Employee training and development, Staff training and development.

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