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Managing people is an art and a science.

Leaders are successful because they know how to manage a diverse team of people – their personalities, ambitions, expectations and responsibilities.  Juggling all these dynamics can be very challenging.  To some it’s an art, to others it’s a science. So what’s the difference and how do they work together? Let’s start with the science. Science […]

Is happiness an elusive idea or attainable goal?

The world is divided into people who are mostly happy, people who are mostly sad and those who are in-between. Children are usually happiest, and the happiness graph gradually goes down as we get older. Most people just simply want to be happy above all things but don’t really have time to learn from happy people […]

Understanding your business from beginning to end.

I am sure you would agree that running a successful business is mastering all functions across your full value chain from sales to delivery.  This is not an easy task as “stuff” pops up that challenges us along the way.  When this happens, the danger is that we may concentrate on the challenges in isolation […]

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