Is happiness an elusive idea or attainable goal?

The world is divided into people who are mostly happy, people who are mostly sad and those who are in-between. Children are usually happiest, and the happiness graph gradually goes down as we get older. Most people just simply want to be happy above all things but don’t really have time to learn from happy people or let alone understand that like everything else, happiness can be learnt. Before I get there let me start off with the science of happiness…

Happiness is an emotion and I bet you knew that right? All emotions are thoughts and all thoughts are learned. I’m simply telling you that because for the most part you have taught yourself and succeeded in either being happy or unhappy.

I would like to share the secret to happiness. I’ve always been an overly happy person and I took this for granted until recently when I almost lost it. I’m one of those people who walk into a room and you can almost feel the energy change and this is simply because happiness permeates energy which can be scientifically measured. We lose happiness because of loss, guilt or perceived loss. Many a time it’s perceived loss, for example when a cheating boyfriend leaves you. In truth you haven’t lost anything here although you might perceive it as a loss.

Most of us lose our happiness because of this great lie, we believe that someone else or something else will make us happy. When that same person we have given the mantle rejects us we are left barren and arid like the Sahara desert. Other people can do things but whether we become unhappy or happy is determined by the story we tell ourselves.

There are a few steps to take to regain your happiness

1. Admit and say it loud to yourself that it is entirely up to you to be happy. This is called taking ownership of self 

2. Remember there are a thousand ways to interpret anything, choose the one that gives you power whether its illogical or not. Let’s say you lose a partner, you can tell yourself that there were never meant to be and that the next will be better and more loving.

3. Talk about it to a friend and throughout the conversation neither refer to yourself as a victim or perpetrator, speak about what happened and how it will help you for the next step you need to take

4. Hang around happy people who are happy.  Happiness is energy and energy is transferrable. Some people can help you look at life differently.  I watch comedies and animations

5. Find a way to give something of your time, talents or resources. Doing something nice for someone gives you a feeling of being useful and appreciated.

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Is happiness an elusive idea or attainable goal?

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