One move can make all the difference.

What is the one thing you can do that could change your business success?

That 1 degree difference in affecting the way you move forward?

There is only 1 degree difference between hot water and steam. Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. At 211 degrees, it’s just hot water, but at 212 degrees water boils, turns into a vapor and steam, producing pressure to turn wheels, drive a train or turbine.

That one degree of heat makes all the difference between having power or not.

One degree … one change … one choice or decision … can change the direction and destination of your business, relationships and virtually everything in your life.

So, what is that one degree of change you can make in your processes that will save you time and rework and even save you money along the way? 

Our processes work in an inter-connected world where every activity effects and is affected by each other. It is not how these activities are done separately, it is how the activities FIT together that makes your processes successful (like a puzzle).  It is no good having pockets of excellence where one part is working perfectly.  Your business will only work at the level of its weakest link. For example: Your body is a system. What your heart does affects your lungs which affects your energy which affects how much work you can do for the day. Your processes stand at the centre of your business system.

In the article “Understanding your Business”, I asked 10 questions to assess how well you are streamlining your processes. Documenting your activities will give you the detail you need to see what you are duplicating, rework or areas you can work on and change. This could be the 1 degree of change you are looking for!

Here is the assessment again for easy access

Give yourself a score of 1-5.  This must be backed up with evidence.  (Sorry, evidence is not what sits in your head, it’s what you have written down and what you are managing on a day-to-day basis.)

1 – There is no evidence or I don’t know

2 – Little evidence but I am not managing it

3 – Some evidence and I manage it sometimes

4 – Mostly evident and I manage it when needed

5 – Clearly evident and well executed (like an expert)

  1. There are clear, well mapped out processes for every part of the business offering
  2. Each process is broken down into activities with clear outcomes and lead and lag measures
  3. There is a clear skills and competencies matrix of skills required for each section of the process map
  4. Everyone is clear on how their performance is measured across the process map
  5. Everyone is clear on where they get work from and where they give work to
  6. Resources and organisational support is given to ensure excellence delivery
  7. Everyone knows where their job fits into the full process map and where they add specific value to the customer
  8. A full technology support system is in place covering flow of information, work automation, and others needed
  9. There are clear and well executed processes around communication channels, meetings and sharing information
  10. Everyone is able to identify lead measures that indicate potential risks in their area of the process map

If you want the full assessment, email us on  and we will be able to help you get started.

One move can make all the difference.

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